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VSEAT - Elbesee Versatile
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Tapestry Frames &
Embroidery Hoops

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Tapestry Frames &
Embroidery Hoops

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Glass seed, Crayon seed, Antique glass and Frosted glass beads - size 11/0 (2.5mm).
Petite glass beads - size 15/0 (2mm).
Pebble glass beads - size 3/0 (5.5mm, hole approximately 2mm).
Pony glass beads - size 6/0 (4mm, hole 1.5mm).
Pony glass beads - size 8/0 (3mm, hole 1mm).
Small bugle beads - size 11/0 (6mm long, hole 0.61mm).
Medium bugle beads - size 11/0 (9mm long, hole 0.61mm).
Large bugle beads - size 11/0 (14mm long, hole 0.61mm).
Magnifica beads - size 14/0 (1.65mm).

To avoid disappointment, please contact us if you require more than SIX packs of a single bead colour.

Please note: All quantities and weights are approximate.

Seed (Glass)Seed (Glass)
Glass seed beads.
Seed (Crayon)Seed (Crayon)
Crayon seed beads.
Antique glass beads.
Petite glass beads.
Frosted glass beads.
Size 3º Pebble glass beads.
Size 6Size 6
Size 6º Pony glass beads. Available NOW!
Size 8Size 8
Size 8º Pony glass beads. Available NOW!
Bugle (Small)Bugle (Small)
Small bugle beads.
Bugle (Medium)Bugle (Medium)
Medium bugle beads.
Bugle (Large)Bugle (Large)
Large bugle beads.
Magnifica beads. Available NOW!
Perforated PaperPerforated Paper
Mill Hill perforated paper in various colours.
Accessories (Mill Hill)Accessories (Mill Hill)
'Nymo' thread and beading needles.
Mill Hill Crystal, Glass and Metal Treasures are available from Willow Fabrics here:

Tacky BOB
Tacky BOB

Tacky BOB bead holder. Never fumble with loose beads again!

4in x 4in CD like jewel case in various designs (three pictured), with magnetic strip.

Do you hate fumbling with loose beads and Needles? Well then Tack BOB is the perfect solution for your problem. With its specifically designed acid-free tacky lining, magnetic needle holder and non skid bottom, you will never have to fumble with loose beads and needles again.

EASY TO USE: Pour a small amount of beads onto the tacky surface and pick up each bead with the point of your needle. To extend the life of your Tacky BOB, do not touch surfaces.



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Customer Reviews
Alison Wells from Bradford
5 Stars
I placed my order on 2nd August and postman delivered this morning. Thank you for the speed and efficiency of dispatch, including the refund for the item that was out of stock. I know the company has recently changed hands and it is good to see that customer service remains at a high standard. Good luck in the future.
David Valentine from Wirral
5 Stars
Great products, good prices, wonderful service and fast dispatch and delivery. Very friendly and quick to answer enquiries. Definitely my favourite cross stitch suppliers. Many thanks, David.
Stella Hickman from East Looe
5 Stars
Fantastic service. Fast delivery and very prompt refund of overpaid P&P. I will definitely be using KatZ XStitch again in the future.
Claire Bourne from Leicester
5 Stars
Thank you for your excellent service and very quick delivery, I look forward to buying from you again and will recommend you to my friends.
Jayne Allen from Diss
5 Stars
Brilliant service and communication.
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